Hill End Residency

My month-long stay in Murray's Cottage (November, 2015), as part of the Bathurst Regional Gallery Hill End Artist in Residence program, was an incredibly inspiring and productive experience! Working both in the Murray's studio and outdoors in Golden Gully, it was a great period of artistic growth and experimentation. I immersed myself in getting to know a landscape that has been painted many times in Australian Art History, a landscape that I found deeply wounded (by colonial mining and continued erosion), yet ultimately transcendent and endlessly intriguing. I am very grateful to Bathurst Regional Gallery for the opportunity, to ArtsACT for their Out-Of-Round Funding support, and to the community of Hill End for welcoming me with open arms! Scroll on down to see a few photos and some images of the work that I created (click to enlarge):

 <<--- Fallen Sentinels, 2015, pencil in concertina book, 21cm x 221cm --->>

Hindsight_ Gippsland Art Gallery History & Collections 1965-2015

I'm very honoured to have my watercolour "Luminous Earth" (2013) featured in this beautiful book alongside some of my favourite artists! "Hindsight_ Gippsland Art Gallery History & Collections 1965-2015" is written and compiled by Simon Gregg with collection photography by Lindsay Roberts.

Hill End Artist in Residence

I'm hitting the road and am excited to be on my way to participate in the Hill End Artist in Residence Program organised by the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. I will be taking up residence in the historic Murray's Cottage (former home of Donald Friend and Donald Murray) for the month of November. A reminder of the gold rush, Hill End is a small town that has played a big part in Australian art history and landscape painting since the 1940s.

A huge thanks to ArtsACT for assisting with me with taking up this wonderful opportunity by contributing to my travel and living costs through their Out-of-Round Funding!

During my Hill End Residency, I intend to interpret the unique geology of Golden Gully through the mediums of drawing and watercolour painting. A vision to emphasize and extend marks of movement, tension and excavation observed in the landscape will direct my daily explorations in the field and the studio. I will endeavour to evoke the shifting surface of the landscape/rock-face while developing new approaches to layering and luminosity in my watercolour painting practice.


Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize

It's wonderful to have Thunder-Rush, my artist's book of sketches and poetry from the Franklin River, included as part of the 2015 Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize currently on display at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, England. The exhibition is the inspiration and centrepiece for the Opening Up the Book festival and showcases over 200 books from nearly 400 individual entries from 42 different countries. The exhibition runs from the 7th - 31st October, but I'm pleased that Thunder-Rush will remain in England afterwards as part of the Bank Street Arts Permanent Collection.

Thunder-Rush Rapid, concertina book with clamshell box (digital print with archival pigment inks, cover features hand printed woodcut), 12cm x 16cm x 3cm (dimensions of box), 2015, edition of 10

Learn Stone Lithography

I'm looking forward to teaching an upcoming stone lithography class at Megalo Print Studio (21 Wentworth Ave, Kingston, Canberra, Australia) over two Saturdays (17th & 24th October 10am-4pm). Lithographic stone is a wonderful surface to draw on and captures an amazing range of tones and marks. Whether it's your first experience with printmaking or you'd like a refresher in this technique, I will guide you through the process of preparing, drawing, processing and printing your lithographic stone in Megalo's well-equipped studio. If you are keen/curious you can find booking info etc here http://www.megalo.org/classes/current-classes/